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                The First Graduate Forum of the CSAA and the 7th International Academic Conference for Graduates, NUAA



                The First Graduate Forum of the CSAA and the 7thInternational Academic Conference for Graduates, NUAA

                November 21-November 22, 2019, Nanjing, China

                CALL FOR PAPERS

                TheFirst Graduate Forum of the CSAA and the 7th International Academic Conferencefor Graduates, NUAA (IACGN) will be held at Nanjing University of Aeronauticsand Astronautics, Nanjing, China on November21-November 22, 2019. The IACGN is an international conference providing aforum for eminent graduate students’ exchanging recent achievements. This year, the conference will continue itstradition of presenting great opportunities for collaboration and sharing ofideas between graduates from NUAA as well as its domestic and internationalpartner universities.

                It is our pleasure and honor to invite your graduatesto attend the 7th IACGN.Allaccepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. We lookforward to meeting you in Nanjing, China.

                Topicsof Interest

                01. Aeronautical andAstronautical Science and Technology

                02. Dynamics

                03. Power Engineering and EngineeringThermal Physics

                04. Electrical Engineering

                05. Control Science andEngineering

                06. Instrument Science andTechnology

                07. Electronic science andtechnology

                08. Information andCommunication Engineering

                09. Mechanical Engineering

                10. Materials Science andEngineering

                11. Traffic Engineering

                12. Civil Engineering

                13. Mathematics, Physics

                14. Optical Engineering

                15. Management Science andEngineering

                16.Artificial Intelligence

                17. Computer Science and Technology

                18. Software Engineering

                19. Cyberspace Security

                20. Humanities and Arts

                21. Marxist Theory


                Ph.D students and postgraduatestudents at domestic and overseas university.


                Sponsors: Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing University ofAeronautics and Astronautics

                 Co-sponsors: Tsinghua University, BeijingUniversity of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Northwestern University of Technology,University of National Defense Science and Technology

                Date& Location

                November 21-November 22, 2019,Nanjing University ofAeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China


                Submitted manuscript is original, Ph.D student/postgraduate students must be its first author.

                The content of submitted manuscript is not confidentialand does not involve political and religious issues;

                Submitted manuscript should not be presented at any otheracademic conferences and have not been publicly published in otherpublications;

                Submitted manuscript is written in English, in 3-6 pages(including charts and references, etc).

                Deadline: 16th September, 2019.

                ManuscriptSubmission Address

                Please edit the paper accordingto attached paper format and submit the full manuscripts both in Word and PDFformat to https://www.wenjuan.com/s/iMZfayt/,with“Topics-University-Author” as the title.


                Accepted full paper authors will be invited to give theoral presentation in plenary or parallel sessions, and be published in theconference proceedings.

                Outstanding Paper Award winners will receive bothcertificates and bonuses. Meanwhile, the outstanding papers will be recommendedto Transactions of Chinese Journal of Aeronautics (EI index) or NanjingUniversity of Aeronautics & Astronautics (EI index) in accordance withtheir requirements and given priority to the publication if it passed manuscripts 'check.


                Conference form

                The official language of this conference isEnglish, and the conference is divided into conference exchange and groupdiscussion with the specific arrangement will be notified separately.


                The conference willnot charge any registration fees.

                Accommodationand Travel Allowance

                The Organizing Committee will arrange accommodations for authorsabroad with acceptance notification and select some outstanding contributors toreimburse the round-trip air tickets (with the upper limit of RMB 10,000).

                The Organizing Committee will arrange accommodations for authorswith acceptance notification from other domestic universities (exceptuniversities in Nanjing), and select some outstanding contributors to reimbursethe round-trip tickets (coach, hard seat train tickets, second-class tickets ofhigh speed train).


                Deadline for submission of manuscripts

                September 16, 2019

                Notification of acceptance

                October 21, 2019


                Conference SecretariatEmail: iacgn@nuaa.edu.cn

                Contact Person: Liu Xu

                Tel: 86-025-84892491


                Attachment 1. Template for the Submission of Manuscript

                           (please use the templatefor submitting the paper)



                Organizing Committee of the firstGraduate Forum of the CSAA and the 7th IACGN

                July 6, 2019